About us


About us

CSI Lifecycle is a leader in providing IT asset disposal services.

As part of the CSI worldwide group, CSI Lifecycle Europe also manages asset disposal for our parent company CSI Leasing, processing thousands of items of IT equipment for large organisations every month. We provide reliable and secure end-of-lease computer disposal for large multi-nationals, local government and educational organisations.

We offer a suite of services including collection, auditing, remarketing, secure data destruction and WEEE recycling.

As well as Slovakia, we are providing services to clients based in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Spain and other European countries.

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Also part of the CSI Group

EPC, Inc.

EPC is CSI's disposal subsidiary in North America and one of the market leaders in that part of the globe. Founded in 1984, EPC has been providing asset disposal services for over 25 years. EPC has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSI since 1998.

To find out more, please visit EPC's website.

CSI Leasing

Founded in 1972, CSI Leasing has been part of the IT industry for 40 years. Today, CSI Leasing is one of the largest independent IT lessors in the world with a presence in 37 countries across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

To find out more, please visit CSI Leasing's website.